This new online grocery store is fair trade, nonGMO, and all $3!

In the last couple of years we have seen a huge rise in popularity of food delivery services that promise to take care of your weekly grocery shopping for you. While these services are incredibly convenient, they're also fairly expensive. There is a new company that is gaining huge attraction and promises the same benefit for a fraction of the cost! What's better is that all food is fair trade and non-GMO which means you're getting high quality food. Plus, they have gluten free and kosher options as well. is able to sustain their business model by selling brandless packaging (Brand packaging is a huge part of grocery store mark-ups) and sell their products at warehouse prices right to your door! Shipping is 9$ (3$ on your first order) so you don't have to worry about high delivery prices and they offer food, household items, cleaning items, and more! 

Check it out!