Where you should spend your Summer Vacation

Summer is right around the corner and while Los Angeles has incredible weather, it doesn't compare to these incredible locations. Although there are many popular tourist destinations, we like to be a bit more adventurous. Traveling to one of these destinations means less tourist traffic and an amazing story to tell. If you're looking to get out of town this summer, look no further!

1.) Anguilla - This incredible coast line next to St. Barths is a refreshing take on the British West Indies. Tucked away from the crowded St. Barths island, Anguilla is home to some incredible food and shopping and the perfect escape from the busy Los Angeles lifestyle. 

2.) Begur, Spain - Begur is coined the summertime secret of the Mediterranean. It is a short drive from Barcelona and provides an escape to the Spanish culture without all of the tourists. Begur features incredible restaurants and boutique hotels that makes you feel like a local.

3.) Babylonstoren, South Africa - This Ranch is the perfect place to stay to unplug and unwind. Designed by a french architect, this Ranch is home to an eight acre garden that flourishes with fresh fruit and vegetables that are featured at the hotel restaurant. Babylonstoren is located in the western cape of South Africa and surrounded by incredible nature.

4.) Ischia Ponte, Italy- Ischia Ponte is a lesser known neighbor of Capri Italy, but it is just as beautiful. Ischia is much larger than Capri and is home to a more traditional Italian experience than the touristy Capri. Get lost in Italian fashion, food, and architecture while overlooking the Italian coastline.