5 Most Haunted places to visit in Los Angeles

It's October 31st and if you're feeling a bit more adventurous than going door to door asking for candy then well, we have the perfect places for you to go. Los Angeles is filled with Hollywood history but let's not forget about the Haunted history. Here are the 5 most haunted places to visit in Los Angeles...

This was the site of a grisly murder committed by porn star John Holmes. The story goes he used a lead pipe to murder four drug dealers here commonly known as the Wonderland Murders. According to reports, the ghosts here are aggressive and will sometimes push and pull at visitors, especially at night. Get too close to the TV, and the supernatural activity intensifies! Also, don’t change the channel... they’re watching it. 


8763 Wonderland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

No longer operational as a zoo, this is now a cute picnic area where you can see the caves and pens once inhabited by tigers and lions and bears. At least, that’s during the day. Supposedly, the Old Zoo is among the little-known haunted place to visit in Los Angeles. Supposedly, the animal spirits are very active and their cries and chitter can be heard. It is said that spirits can impart emotions on the living, and a feeling of fear and panic permeates the zoo.


4730 Crystal Springs Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Some haunted places to visit in Los Angeles aren’t all fun and games. They’re truly terrifying! This is the case with this house formerly owned by Doris Bither. She was the victim of incredibly violent spectral assaults by poltergeists. They would throw objects around and physically attack her, to the point that she and her family fled. The poltergeists followed them, to their extreme dismay. The events at this cursed home were so shocking that they inspired a horror movie. The Entity, released in 1981 and 2012.


11547 Braddock Drive
Culver CityCA 90230

This historic theater has stood since 1942. Although silent films were long dead and gone by that time, the theater was intended to celebrate their history. A later owner of the building, actor Lawrence Austen, was shot and killed by his boyfriend who worked as a projectionist. The girl working the concession counter was left for dead in the shooting, but she survived and was a great help to the police. It’s become one of the great haunted places to visit in Los Angeles. Ever since that day, Lawrence has appeared to young women in the theater on occasion. They say he’s looking for the one who was present at his murder, perhaps to thank her for bringing the projectionist to justice.


611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Something is weird about this spot in Beverly Hills. It’s definitely one of the strangest haunted places to visit in Los Angeles, but the forces at work here go beyond ghosts and spirits. This spot is pure bad luck....

Howard Hughes crashed a plane here.

Bugsy Siegel was murdered here.

Jan & Dean almost died in a bizarre car accident.

A successful publicist was killed here in a seemingly random drive-by shooting.

Modern-day mediums who visit the area report intense feelings of anger and confusion. There have been reports of jumbled visions of pain and suffering and the stories go on and on and they won’t stop. What is going on here? Reportedly, some parts of the world act as loci for supernatural forces, and it appears that Los Angeles is home to such a place.


N. Linden Dr. and N. Whittier Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



If you're brave enough to visit any of these places let us know what you see!


Happy Halloween!

courtesy of: backpackerverse.com