7 easy ways to Spring clean your home

Spring is here and the most common term that comes to mind is the dreaded "Spring Cleaning". If the thought of cleaning your home top to bottom gives you anxiety, don't worry. Here are simple things you can get rid of to quickly organize your home and instantly make your home feel fresh and ready for the summer!


1.) Take out menus- even though basically everything has become digital, including restaurant menus, we still somehow find a way to have that stash of take-out menus piled up in a kitchen drawer. Throw them out and simply favorite your go-to restaurant menus on your cell-phone. 

2.) Old towels- If you go through your bath towels, you'll likely find mismatched random towels that may be in bad shape. Even though we can convince ourselves that we will use these ratty towels in the future, odds are that they will stay hidden in the closet for yet another year. Throw them out and open up extra space.

3.) Sentimental items that aren't sentimental anymore- it is easy to want to keep items that have sentimental meaning, but often times these trinkets take up unwanted space and as time goes on, the item looses its value as it gathers dust. Instead of simply buying trinkets and items, try to take more pictures when you travel or have a new experience and create a scrapbook that doesn't take up space. If you can't part with your current items, take a picture and then toss the item. You can frame the pictures or make a scrap book. Not having the trinkets will open up tons of space on your dressers.


4.) Old chargers- We all have that one drawer full of cables that we have no idea what they go to. If you don't know what the charger or cable goes to, toss it out. With technology changing constantly, we can almost guarantee that you won't need that charger from 2005 in the future. 

5.) Coffee mugs- a cluttered kitchen can create a feeling of stress every time you enter it and there is almost always one item that everyone has way too much of...coffee mugs. If you have a ton of mismatched coffee mugs, throw them out. Try to keep a minimal amount of coffee mugs to open up more cabinet space and keep a clean and cohesive look in the kitchen. 

6.) Half used bath products- it is easy to accumulate bath products from shampoos that didn't work as well as you thought they would to half used bottles of sunscreen. Instead of telling yourself that you will find a way to use the product in the future, toss it out. If you don't use the product at least once a week, it is safe to say you probably don't need it. Also, bath products and make-up have an expiration date so if anything is expired, toss it out. 

7.) Clothes- Perhaps the most clutter that we obtain comes from within our closets. Clothes tend to be the number one Spring cleaning item that most try to tackle and it can be hard. We fear we will throw away something that might come back into style or that we "may wear again". There is an easy rule to follow when it comes to cleaning out your closet and it is "if you haven't worn it in a year, throw it out". An entire year encompasses all four seasons and if you haven't worn an item last fall, you're probably not going to wear it this fall and so on. Keep special statement pieces or big ticket items, but throw out the everyday items you haven't worn in a long time and we promise you will feel much better!