Plans for a new Sunset Strip!

The Sunset Strip has always been a local hot spot with incredible restaurants, bars, and nightlife and it has been the attraction of many tourists for years. If you are a Los Angeles native or have lived in Los Angeles for a while then you know that the Sunset Strip is very different than it used to be even 10 years ago. The Sunset Strip is not as busy as it used to be and many people have moved their entertainment to downtown or even Hollywood blvd because it is more lively and pedestrian friendly. According to Curbed LA, West Hollywood has recently launched a project to define the future of Sunset blvd called WeHoville. The plan is to change the identity and experience of the Sunset Strip. It plans to examine how the current zoning and planning guidelines have been helping or harming the local hotels, music, and entertainment spots. The plan wants to implement a more pedestrian friendly Sunset strip that could mirror something closer to Hollywood blvd or the Las Vegas strip. It plans to add:

  • New and additional benches and street furniture
  • Temporary parklets or temporary vending opportunities
  • New and additional temporary art installations
  • Landscaping and shade structures
  • Public safety efforts
  • Transportation and transit efforts
  • Signs alerting visitors to available parking
  • Paving markings celebrating the Sunset Strip and its rich history
the Strip is becoming known more for its growing number of hotels than for the rock music clubs that used to define it
— Plan statement from WeHoville

The city of West Hollywood plans on using this plan to help bring attraction back to the famous street. What do you think of the plan?