Howard Hughes Promenade Makeover

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center is getting a major makeover that is scheduled to be completed by 2018 and is bringing a new hotspot to the area that has previously been neglected. Austin Khan, Chief Investment Officer of the project developer Laurus Corporation, tells Curbed in a recent interview that "the updates are aimed at making the center a “more upscale” destination appealing to new residents and employees in the area. The newly opened Altitude Apartments have added 545 high-end rental units to the neighborhood, while plans are afoot for another major residential project a block from the complex on Sepulveda Boulevard".

The success of similar developments (i.e. The Grove, Century City Westfield Mall, and The Americana) have inspired a similar attraction for the area and hope to capture traffic from the local business and employees. 

We're excited to see the finished product and can't wait to have a new shopping and living destination! Let us know what you think!

All photos curtesy of CurbedLA