5 ways to cure your Coachella FOMO

Weekend 1 is done at Coachella and, if you have a social media account and didn't go to Coachella this year, you probably have seen an influx of pictures of people having a great time and this has led to feeling left out. Next weekend is weekend 2 of Coachella and then it's Stagecoach. With almost all of Los Angeles at this huge festival party, a deep FOMO (fear of missing out) has already set in with many of us at the Cesar Leyva team so we decided to look at the bright side. With most of Los Angeles gone, traffic is better than ever so it is time to take advantage of all that Los Angeles has to offer. While we may not be partying in the desert, we definitely won't be missing out!

1.) Go to the beach- We Angeleno's live very close to the beach, but we rarely go because traffic is so horrible that you have to dedicate at least 2 hours to simply driving there and back home. Now that everyone is at Coachella, head to the beach! The drive time has been cut almost in half! Plan a picnic and spend the day at one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles that many of us rarely go to!

2.) Artists and Fleas Venice (Saturday April 22nd)- If you like to browse flea markets on a sunny Los Angeles afternoon, look no further than this one being held in Venice. Grab a coffee and admire the amazing artwork by local artists! Location: Abbot Kinney Blvd. Los Angeles, 90291

3.) Brunch at Catch LA- If you have ever tried to get a reservation at the newest hotspot, Catch LA, you know that it is nearly impossible. Reservations are booked months in advance making it nearly impossible to dine at this incredible restaurant, however, since everyone is at Coachella this upcoming weekend, Catch is taking reservations! Now is the time to enjoy brunch on their beautiful rooftop! Book your reservation on Opentable.com.

4.) Hiking- The hiking trails in Los Angeles are usually slammed with people during the weekend, however, this weekend will be different. Enjoy the serenity of nature without all of the foot traffic with a beautiful hike and the beautiful weather!

5.) Rooftop Cinema Club- Take advantage of this incredible rooftop movie screening experience by purchasing tickets today! With an endless supply of snacks, drinks, and comfortable seating, this makes for the perfect Saturday night! Head over to http://www.rooftopcinemaclub.com/ to check it out!