What guests notice first about your home

We spend a lot of time contemplating the interior of our homes especially when we have guests over. Making a good impression can be the difference between making your guests feel welcome and making them feel uncomfortable. Luckily for us, the blog MyDomaine performed a survey and found the 7 things guests notice most when visiting your home. Instead of going for a total overhaul or remodel, just focus on these items and your house will please everyone!



- Cohesiveness and Flow

According to the survey, furniture placement was one of the most common things readers noticed first when visiting a home. Having awkwardly placed furniture or poorly hung artwork can cause your guests to focus on wanting to fix your furniture rather than having a conversation.


-Cleanliness and Clutter

We all have the ritual of putting away all of the clutter we let accumulate before guests come over, but now you have an even better reason to do so. Many readers claimed clutter made them feel uncomfortable about coming over and often times left them feeling like you weren't quite ready for guests and like they are intruding. Time to put all that stuff away!


-Art and Books

According to the survey, having personalized art and books in your home helps your guests get to know you better. Many readers said they liked to know the culture of the person they are visiting and it also makes great conversation starters.


-Scents and Smells

This seems like a no-brainer, but many readers claimed that if their friends home smelled off, they would cut the party short. Smell is one of the brains strongest triggers so make sure your home smells welcoming. Whether it be a dish in the oven or a neutrally scented candle, the smell of your home can make it more welcoming. Try to stay away from very strong and specific candles and go for something more natural. 


-Light sources

Lighting is everything and your home is no different. Many readers said how much they appreciated correctly lighting your home for the occasion. This means make sure the dinner party is light enough to see the food but not too bright to where it ruins the warm mood. Many also said how they liked natural feeling light so keep your windows open and if you don't have windows, finding a warm lamp to light up the space is a great alternative. 


-Paint colors

Finding the right paint color for a room can feel like a daunting task where you contemplate being bold and adventurous and safe and neutral. According to the survey, stay away from brown or red walls because they actually were found to cause symptoms similar to car sickness in many of the readers!


-Plants and greenery

According to the survey, almost all readers appreciated plants in a home, which helped the home feel more fresh and welcoming. If your home is plant free, picking up a plant may be just the pick-me-up that your home needs!