The forgotten room

Do you have an extra room in your home or apartment that isn't necessarily dedicated to anything? Sometimes an extra room can turn into a dumping ground for random items around the house and can quickly turn into your own in-home storage unit. By the time the mess piles up, it can be overwhelming, and the door to your extra room ends up staying shut. Whether this has already happened or if you just bought a home and are seeking some extra inspiration, we have the perfect idea. There is a room that not many homes have anymore and it is a perfect place to add some old school feel to your home. This room is the Library. To create your own Library, purchase a couple of bookcases and line the walls with some of your favorite books, magazines, pictures, and antiques. Place down a warm rug and add a comfy reading chair or a couple of sitting chairs and you have the perfect place to relax, host guests, or catch up with your favorite book. Not only have you found something to do with the extra space, you also get to say "and this is my library" to your guests! Bonus points! 

Need some inspiration?