Fitness Friday- Best classes in Los Angeles

Here at the Cesar Leyva team, we have a commitment to exercise. We that a vital part of running a successful business is to keep a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. While having a gym membership is a great way to maintain a consistent exercise routine, it can get a little boring. In an attempt to push ourselves, we decided to try some of the most popular exercise classes in Los Angeles and have found the 5 best ones. If you're looking to change up your workout, look no further!

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(most studio's have first class discounts or you can sign-up for class pass and take a variety of these classes for a small monthly fee!)

1.) Orange Theory- this high energy class has been taking the workout world by storm and has gained a loyal following and we can see why! It is a fast paced high intensity interval training class that mixes in weight training for the perfect calorie burning workout!

2.) ModelFit- This small private studio is home to an intense workout that is low impact and focuses on stretching the muscles and building muscle while not bulking up. This workout isn't easy though, it combines strength training with cardio and you will leave dripping in sweat. This workout is great for all levels and the classes are small so you don't get overwhelmed with too many people. Check it out!

3.) Hot 8 Yoga- Yoga is a great way to unwind and relax after a stressful work week and is important to practice stretching. This yoga class however, takes it to the next level. Hot 8 Yoga hosts several different classes from beginners stretching to a high energy yoga/ weights class. All of the classes are held in heated rooms and you will leave the class feeling refreshed!

4.) Crossfit- Crossfit is known globally as a great way to build muscle and quickly. Although we don't suggest trying this class until you have a foundation of exercise, Crossfit is absolutely a great addition to any work out regimen. Crossfit is a fast paced weightlifting class that pushes you to your limits and gives you those abs you have been wanting. Perfect for crunch time before summer!

5.) Burn60- This workout is loved by Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts and you will see why! This class promises to burn 600-900 calories in 45-60 minutes. It combines cardio with strength training for the ultimate calorie burning session in an hour. Take this class for a week and you will be summer ready!


Let us know what your favorite classes are!